Dyrenes Rike


Dyrenes Rike

Dyrenes Rike (directly translated to “Animal Kingdom”) is a new wildlife park coming to Oslo – Norway, located in Ytre Enebakk. The wildlife park will be open all seasons and animals will be chosen for their ability to withstand the norwegian climate. We choose to reflect this with colours from nordic nature. The logo is playfully challenging the viewer to find all animals hidden inside.  The trees are flexible elements which hints to the location and the animals enviroment. 

Made in collaboration with Cathrine Kirkerud and Charlotte Midthun.


The goal for the wildlife park is to engage people (young and old) in a wish to take care of flora and fauna. Dyrenes Rike will be a wildlife park made from the animals´own premises. We were inspired by the art of Tove Jansson, because we wanted the profile to bring to mind fairytales and children´s books. The profile is friendly, energetic and playful. 

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